High bp Problem: हाई ब्लड प्रेशर को घटाकर एक बैलेंस लेवल पर लाने के लिए इन इफेक्टिव योग आसनों को आजमाएं
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High Bp Problem: Try These Effective Yoga Asanas To Bring Down High Blood Pressure To A Balance Level

High BP Problem: Try these effective yoga asanas to bring down high blood pressure to a balance level

Excessive Bp Drawback: Some yoga positions can assist in controlling blood strain.

Hypertension: Hypertension is a standard dysfunction by which the long-term stress of blood in opposition to the arteries is robust sufficient to induce problems similar to coronary heart illness. Yoga Asanas for Excessive Blood Stress may be very useful. Blood strain is affected by the quantity of blood pumped by the guts in addition to the quantity of resistance to blood movement within the arteries. each a rise in blood being pumped with narrowed arteries high blood pressure Explanation for Excessive Blood Stress can turn out to be. Whereas there are a lot of medicines and weight-reduction plan modifications that may assist enhance your blood strain, you possibly can attempt incorporating some yoga positions to assist stabilize your blood strain.

finest yoga for hypertension Greatest Yoga For Excessive Blood Stress

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2) Legacy: It’s also referred to as ‘Hero Pose’. It is a nice yoga pose for nearly everybody. It’s best for novices and requires minimal velocity. The best way of doing Virasana is as follows:

  • Place a yoga mat or cushion underneath you to keep away from injuring your knees.
  • Sit together with your legs straight and bend backwards.
  • Ensure that your again is straight and as stretched as doable.
  • This place can put strain on the knees, so it’s advisable to have a cushion or one thing comfy.
  • Keep on this place for a couple of minutes or until you’re comfy.

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4) Balasan: That is one other low-intensity yoga pose that lowers blood strain and in addition helps in enjoyable the physique and thoughts. That is how you are able to do Balasana:

  • Bend your legs and sit straight.
  • At this level your toes ought to be dealing with upwards.
  • Now slowly tilt your torso ahead on the ground.
  • Your arms ought to be dealing with ahead so far as doable at this level.
  • Your face also needs to be in direction of the ground in addition to your palms.
  • On this place your calves, brow and palms will all be touching the bottom.
  • Because it solely stretches your physique and is a soothing pose, it offers relaxation and leisure.
  • Keep on this place for 10-15 seconds and do 4-5 units every day.

3) Janu Sirsasana: It’s also referred to as ‘head to knee pose’. That is one other efficient stretching yoga pose. It not solely helps in lowering your blood strain but in addition will increase flexibility within the physique. The best way to do Janu Sirsasana is as follows:

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  • Bend your left leg and sit on the ground.
  • Maintain your proper leg straight in entrance.
  • At this level each your left foot ought to be pointing to the precise and your proper foot ought to be pointing in direction of the entrance.
  • Now take each your arms and use them to carry your proper leg.
  • At this level your head ought to be in entrance of your proper foot.
  • Keep on this place for few seconds and launch slowly
  • Repeat this on the opposite facet as nicely and do 4-5 units.

1) Pranayama: This is without doubt one of the best yoga workout routines that you need to use to decrease your blood strain. No tools is required to do them. One of many best pranayama is Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. That is how you are able to do Nadi Shodhana Pranayama:

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  • Sit together with your again straight and your legs bent.
  • Place the guidelines of the index and center fingers of your proper hand in your brow between your eyebrows
  • Now, gently place the thumb over your proper nostril.
  • Place your ring finger on the left nostril.
  • Elevate your thumb and inhale by your proper nostril and place your hand again in your proper nostril.
  • Exhale by your left nostril after which inhale by that nostril.
  • repeat it a number of instances
  • Ensure that to not drive the respiratory, this train is meant to be mild and enjoyable.

In case your blood strain is commonly excessive, you possibly can attempt these enjoyable yoga poses to assist decrease your blood strain.

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